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Ok lets talk about this, NOT about the fact that its been a long while since my last post no, we shall not talk about that lets swiftly sweep that under the rug shall we!!

No, lets talk about these sweet baby hair bows. We have had a lot of request for these so voila here they are. I had been planning on making these for a while but your numerous requests was the kick in the rear I needed to get them made faster! You cant really see it in the picture but our baby hair bows are tiny (4.5cm x 3.5cm) perfect from new born with the thickest or even the finest wisps of hair. Oh, did i mention that they come as a mismatched pair in linen and Liberty?



We also happen to have a completely new line of Stretchy super soft baby headbands. I love everything about these, the way they look, the way they feel, everything. Our baby headbands are also soft so goodbye to red marks and stretchy so fit any head without stretching out of shape. Yep they also come in linen & Liberty.


You can find the links to all our baby ranges below:


Baby liberty and linen hair bows 

Baby liberty and linen headbands













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