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Ribbon talk

It has been a long while since I wrote a blog post (almost 10 months, yikes) but its impossible for me to talk about our beautiful bows without mentioning the products we use to make our bows, namely our ribbon.

We strive to make all our Essie's Bits & Bows products safe, hardwaring and stunning, in that order. When we make our products we make it with Essie in mind, Es is your typical 6 year old and at that age, kids love pretty things but they can also be very heavy handed with them, so its important our produts can stand up to the vigours a child throws at it without coming off worse for wear. All our products are made to a very high standard and made to last. This can only be achived through the brilliant materials we work with. Be it our fabrics, clips or our ribbons (which we are focussing on today) our materials are top notch.

We are proud that all our ribbon bows (we call them Pat bows named after Essie's granny) are handmade (infact all are product are made so) this means that unlike a machine there is no uniformaty and each product has its on unique look and characteristics, but each one is beautiful giving us bows like this one..


We like to keep things simple so we only use 3 ribbon companies namely, Shindo, V V Rouleaux and Mokuba.



With over 60 colours to pick from it can be hard to choose so we stick to 15. I have found that the quality of their grosgrain ribbon is excellent, making beautiful but robust  bows which can be used everyday to complete a look or compliment a school unifom either way they look fabulous.

Infact our pat bow(s) has been included in this years 2016 Rebates zone christmas gift guide, you can have a look here:

V V Rouleaux

Whether you are into millinery, haberdashery, ribbons or just like to look at pretty things head down here!! its a small shop located in Marylebone in the heart of London, its not easy to find but so easy to fall in love with. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. We use V V Rouleaux ribbon for our printed ribbon bows and they look fantastic. I have found that though their ribbons are on par with shindo their ribbon patterns are more diverse, like this beautiful Christmas ribbon and bow below


If you are ever in the area drop by you wont be disappointed!


Mokua is a well established Japanese ribbon manufacturer, think of them as the Rolls Royce of the ribbon world.

Mokuba is the very best money can buy...aaaand yep unfortunately a lot of money wont get you very far (sigh) but what you will get is a product that is second to none. We use the Mokuba stretch grosgrian ribbon on our baby headbands and they go down a treat.

Having cultivated relationships with Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana and louis vuitton Mokuba indeed have set the bechmark for luxury and quality in the world of ribbons and we are extremely proud to incorporate them within Essie's Bits & Bows. Unfortunately Mokuba only has walk in showrooms in New york, Paris, Toronto and Tokyo but you can find them online through well established and respected dealers like MacCulloch and Wallis.




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